Innovation in Quantitative Studies

CLT Test

Q P&P  (Price & Portfolio)

Model with view of portfolio that allows to develop strategies for price, distribution and extensions online to achieve objectives of volume, sales in value or profitability
As part of the deliverables we will bring you a simulator platform easy to use in Excel


Q Semiotics

Q Shopper 360°

The Shopper is a person different to the consumer, with needs and specific goals, to study it and understand it is ideal to define stages of research that provide learning experiences from various angles

The stages of gathering information provide a holistic view of the Shopper at the point of sale




Q Immersion

Customer Experience

Correct identification of the factors or sub-factors impacting the satisfaction rate for the product or service of interest

Because a “satisfied” customer not necessarily is going to continue with our service, it is necessary to build a solid commitment

Q Semiotics

Brand Health


A series of metrics and analysis that allow a full diagnosis of the current situation of the brand as well as the risks facing towards the future

Some population groups allow to identify problems of image into a brand. Quantify and identify them helps develop a correction strategy
Q Concept Test + In Home Product Testing

Q Product Design

Ideal for designing products and/or services that are attractive to customers


Dynamic and graphic writer in Excel that allows you to design products and estimate the share of preference in comparison with other products

Q Metaphor

Q Segments

Segmentation that uses the technique of latent classes.

Allows the generation of segments by mixing variables as: attitudes, psychographic, demographic, exposure to media, among others

This allows to generate actionable segments that can be useful for purposes of targeting