Innovation in Qualitative Studies

Q Eye Tracker

Q Eye Tracker

A Neuromarketing tool that scientifically tracks the path that consumers’ eyes follow when presented with any visual stimulus.


  • Pretest and post-test advertising (Videos, Pop, Storyboards)
  • Usability Testing (Sites Internet / Web Page)
  • Packaging Design
  • “Shelftest” Impact of Product


Q Solutions

Offers unique and innovative coaching

Q Metaphor

Q Creativity

  • Are workshops of varying lengths with stakeholders from different departments both internally and externally in order to generate creative thinking and facilitate innovation.


It involves the implementation process of CPS (Creative Problem Solving) in whole or in specific modules as needed.

This integrates specialized skills that are not specific to a research agency.

Q Solutions provides “coaching” on innovation, base on its broad experience in new product development and marketing research services in consumer and B2B.


Q Semiotics

Q Connect ®

“Connecting and learning” among all those involved in the development of concepts and product: Customer, Consumer Agency Advertising and market research agency.


Generation of “Insights” exploration of experience and involvement with the category, specifically with the product.


“Building Concept” comes from the experience of insights together with the assessment of benefits and reasoning, a number of concepts is created.


Evaluation and Ranking of concepts to obtain two winners.


Quantitive evaluation of concepts.


Q Semiotics

Q Trends

Information from different industries that reflect the everyday tendencies, useful for decisions making.


The agency with the customer becomes directors of the documentary evidence that the environment in which you live your brand / product to capture a reality film.

We are specialists in Ad-Hoc studies